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2011 Winners
Tsem Rinpoche

Best Animal Blog

Tsem Rinpoche 155
Money Dummy

Best Blog About Blogging

Money Dummy 273

Best Blog About Stuff 230

Best Blog Design

Fresh 87
good food and travel

Best Blog Of All Time

Good Food & Travel 632
tough biz

Best Business

Tough Biz 41
thomas keister

Best Celebrity

Thomas Keister 454
free charity cars

Best Charity

Free Charity Cars 149

Best Corporate

Sharpie 17
freelance facts

Best Education

Freelance Facts 47

Best Entertainment

KajaFax 126
lick my spoon

Best Food

Lick My Spoon 306
lucas w araujo

Best Foreign Language

Lucas W Araujo 88
informant podcast

Best Geek

Informant Podcast 1021
nation health

Best Health

Nation Health 280
motoring mojo

Best Hobby

Motoring Mojo 39
hyperbole and a a half

Best Humor

Hyperbole & A Half 293
catch the niche

Best Marketing

Catch the Niche 206
a man called dada

Best Parenting

A Man Called Dada 205
a million sight

Best Photography

A Million Sight 222
blog talk radio

Best Podcast

Blog Talk Radio 603
political gates

Best Political

Political Gates 56

Best Pop Culture

Kajafax 235
fr. z's

Best Religion

Fr. Z's 429
smark out moment

Best Sports

Smark Out Moment 55
honeymoons blog

Best Travel

Honeymoons Blog 716
lobster bumkiss

Freakiest Blogger

Lobster Bumkiss 19
a man called dada

Hottest Daddy Blogger

A Man Called Dada 56
counting caballeros

Hottest Mommy Blogger

Counting Caballeros 59
the simple dude

Most Obnoxious

The Simple Dude 35
thomas keister

The Blogitzer

Thomas Keister 454

Worst of All Time

Car-Japan 943